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2019 Summer Nail Trends

Updated: May 29, 2019

Summer is finally here, school is almost out and it's time to break out some fun, flirty nails in bold colors! There is no better way to enjoy the sun and end of winter than with a fun manicure - and pedicure. Ready to get your nails ahead of the trend? Take a look at some of the hottest nail trends for 2019 - and search for more inspiration on our Pinterest and Instagram!

Nautical nails

There's no better way to appreciate the summer then at the beach, so why not bring the beach to your nails? Nautical prints and sea creatures are a perfect way to appreciate the summer months on your nails. We love waves, anchors, fish and sea shells!

Fruit and citrus

Fruit is such a summer item, and with bright, beautiful colors, what better way to celebrate summer then with some fruit on your nails? We love watermelon, lemons, cherries and pineapples!

Stripes and geometric shapes

Stripes and geometric shapes are a minimal yet cool combination to highlight your nails. In the form of painted on, nail stickers or even jewels, this is a don't miss trend.

Neon and rainbows

Neon and rainbow is EVERYWHERE, so it makes total sense to rock it on your paws and claws. We love the mix up of matte and shiny - and even the fun plays on rainbows in a specific color palette. Not sure how to try it? Keep it more neutral with an accent nail in neon with a more muted color on the rest of your nails, or do a neutral rainbow, or even an ombre to ease in to the color.


Marble nails are one of the coolest nail trends we've seen - accent nail or full set, these are a great way to incorporate other colors and designs into your nails. Marble nails can be subtle or bold, yet still professional enough to rock at an office.

What nail trend is your favorite for summer? Tag us in your posts on social or sound off below!

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