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Summer Waxing Guide

It's finally time to bust out shorts, skirts and dresses, so now you need to figure out how to get rid of that layer of fur you let accumulate over the winter months for warmth. Many will rush to a razor and deal with the constant upkeep, waxing gives you a smoother result that lasts longer than shaving.

Common misconceptions with waxing:

But my hair will grow back thicker and darker!

Common misconceptions with waxing say that waxing causes hair to grow back thicker and darker. Hair thickness and color is actually a genetic trait - and unique to you. Shaving would typically be the culprit behind thicker appearing hair, because when you shave, the hair is cut at an angle. Because waxing removes the hair from the root, your hair should grow back finer and softer (because it's a "baby hair") over time with consistent waxing.

Waxing damages the skin

Waxing is actually GOOD for your skin - it's an exfoliation that removes dull and dead skin cells from the surface. Think of it like a facial for your waxing areas. Because you're removing the hair and exfoliating by removing dead skin cells, the area you got waxed is actually now some of the softest skin you'll have!

What you need to know before you wax:

Lasting results

Waxing provides smoother and longer lasting results than shaving or using a hair removal cream. Waxing removes hair from the root - shaving just chops down the length of the hair, leaving it there. Creams to remove the hair only remove the hair just beneath the surface - leaving the root. Creams also run the risk of burning the skin or causing irritation if left on for too long. The hair being waxed should be at least 1/4 inch for optimal results - if your hair being waxed is shorter than that, your results may not last as long as you would like. Usually this growth takes at least 3-4 weeks in between waxes (in some cases up to 8!) and a few weeks in between shaves.


Waxing has a bad reputation for being extremely painful. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but most of the pain with waxing is actually your own anxiety and tension. Consider this pampering for your skin - and you'll get excited about the results, and have a less painful wax! We also recommend you wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes for your wax. Soft clothing helps the skin breathe and won't cause irritation after your wax. It also helps set the tone for your relaxing!

Bikini line - why are there options? What do they mean?

That's totally fine! If we're referring to your bikini region - there are three different types of bikini waxes - bikini, full or Brazilian. A bikini wax is your simplest tidying up of the bikini line. We'll remove the sides and across the top - allowing for no hairs to peek out of the sides of your bikini. Those looking for a little more removal we recommend a bikini full - this takes off everything from the sides and significantly more from the front. We'll take it all off, leave a strip, triangle, a shape of your choosing, whatever you want. This gives you a better removal from front to back - but not quite the full Brazilian. With a Brazilian, we add a butt strip - taking you completely bare from front to back.

Don't shave in between

We understand that you want to keep everything hair free - but don't shave in between. When you wax, the hair is growing back finer and thinner, making your waxes less painful. Shaving completely negates all the good work we did in between, and even cause skin irritation. Shaving also makes it take longer for your hair to reach that 1/4 inch optimal length for waxing.

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