Our Most Relaxing Services



Eminence Organic Signature Facial 

An Eminence organic facial customized to your specific skin type and concerns. $90

Sugar Spa Petite Facial

This treatment is an introduction to aesthetics. Great for those who are new to experiencing skin care. $65

Rejuvenate and Renew Anti-Aging Facial

Our ultimate anti-aging facial combines Eminence Organic Skincare and Casmara collagen masques to lift, firm and tighten the face, neck and décolleté. This facial also includes hand and arm massage, scalp massage, and lower leg and foot massage. $175

Balancing & Detoxifying Facial

This facial provides claryfying benefits for those struggling with congestion in their skin. It combines Eminence Organic Skincare with Casmara's incredible algae benefits, leaving your skin clean and toned. This facial also includes hand and arm massage, scalp massage, and lower leg and foot massage. $175

Back Facial 

Our Signature treatment customized to your skin type to smooth out, detoxify and hydrate the area you can't reach. $100

Front to Back Facial

Our signature back facial in combination with one of our signature facials depending on your skin type. *prices vary depending on facial treatment. $190 and up

Microdermabrasion (Full)

Aggressive exfoliation in combination with one of our signature facials appropriate for your skin type and concerns. The removal of dead skin lying on the surface will increase absorption of products to follow. Expect a pink glow for up to 24 hours after. *prices vary depending on treatment needed. $175

​Microdermabrasion (Short)

A quick physical exfoliation for those looking to get rid of dead skin lying on the surface. Great news, do it on your lunch break! $65

The Workout

Give your facial muscles a work out! This facial uses mrico current to contour the muscles of the face leaving your skin lifted and firmed. $175

Oxygen Facial

Using an O2 dome, this facial helps the skins elasticity and reduces fine lines & wrinkles, while also freeing the skin from acne-causing bacteria. $225

Dermaplaning Facial

​Treatment to reduce fine lines, acne scarring, and the removal of fine vellus hair followed by a masque specific to your skin type. This service is excellent for all skin types. $80

Glow & Go Facial

Looking for the perfect mid-day pick-me-up? This facial includes dermaplaning and a Casmara masque for immediate results! $125

The BioDynamic Facial 

The BioDynamic Facial is one step up from our  Eminence Organics Facials.  The active ingredients are derrieved from plants harvested using the Demeter BioDynamic technique.  Using this technique, all the ingredients are harvested following the lunar cycle. The Demeter BioDynamic farming technique is the strictest and most comprehensive verification process in the world. Eminence's Biodynamic line is certified by this strict authority to bring you the purest, most potent and powerful results-driven products. Perfect for dry, mature, and sensitive skin, this facial will reveal a supple, hydrated, and refreshed new face. $135

Facial Upgrades & Add-On Services

Blueberry Firming and Detoxifying peel $35

Yam and Pumpkin 20% peel $35

Salicylic Acid peel $35

Mangosteen Lactic Acid peel $35

Arctic Berry Illuminating Peptide Peel $35

Casmara// Jelly Mask $30 - $50

Derma plane $70

O2 Dome $50

LED Lights $55


Express Hydrafacial 

 A 30 minute medical grade treatment that exfoliates, extracts and infuses hydration into the skin $165.00

Signature Hydrafacial 

A double cleanse, our signature facial massage paired with the medical grade treatment that exfoliates, extracts and infuses hydration into the skin $195 

Deluxe Hydrafacial 

A Double cleanse, our signature facial massage paired with the medical grade treatment that exfoliates, extracts, infuses a skin specific booster serum and hyaluronic acid for hydration into the skin and ending with LED light therapy. $250

Platinum Hydrafacial 

A double cleanse, our signature facial massage, lympatic drainage, paired with the medical grade treatment that exfoliates, extracts and infuses a skin specific booster serum and hyaluronic acid for hydration into the skin, LED light therapy and a jelly mask. $350

Hydrafacial Upgrades & Add-ons 

Lip Perk $35

Eye Perk $40

Jelly Mask $30

Casmara/Jelly Mask $50

Manual Extraction $20

Regen Booster $15

15% Glysol $15




Sugar Spa Aromatherapy Massage 60 / 75 / 90 minute

Essential oils chosen to help sooth tension, relieve stress, and calm the overwhelmed mind. $90 / $103/ $115


Back, Neck, Shoulders 30 / 50 minute $55 / $75


Chair Massage 10 / 20 minute $15 / $30


Couples Massage 60 / 75 / 90 minute

Cost varies depending on selected massage.


Foot massage

Add-on 20 minutes $30


Reflexology 45 minutes $55


Reflexology + head, neck, shoulders 90 minutes $110


Sugar Spa Deep Tissue Massage 60 / 75 / 90 minute

A therapeutic massage customized to your needs for those looking for more intense treatment for chronic muscle aches. $85 / $98/ $110


Sugar Spa Hot Stone Massage 60 / 90 minute 

A traditional Swedish massage enhanced with hot stones gliding over the body, used to melt away aches and pains deep in the muscle tissue. $95 / $120


Sugar Spa Pregnancy Massage 60 / 90 minute

For the mothers-to-be! Treat yourself to a relaxing massage with techniques specialized for women expecting! $85 / $110

* Must be in 2nd or 3rd Trimester

Sugar Spa Swedish Massage 60 / 75 / 90 minute

Full body massage, using long relaxing strokes to calm, relax and reduce tension. $80 / $93 / $105

Two Hour Massage

​Our most luxurious massage treatment, two hours of pure bliss!  Ask your therapist about enhancing your service with hot stones or aromatherapy. $145

Massage ADD-ONS

Cupping $25

CBD $15

CBD Recovery $25


Ayurvedic Services 

Ayurveda Wellness Consultation  

The first half hour of the consultation is focused on discovering a person's unique mind-body type or Dosha. This is done by a physical, mental and emotional examination. The physical examination includes a pulse assessment and tongue assessment to determine any physical imbalances in the body. Mental and emotional assessments are based on childhood, interests, personality, and current level of stress. After the initial examination the second half hour is focused on recommendations. Recommendations are given based on the clients Dosha and any state of imbalance in the physical, mental or emotional bodies. $75

Follow-up Consultation 

After the initial consultation it is recommended to have 3 follow-up sessions. In the follow up sessions I will work directly with each client on incorporating the Ayurvedic lifestyle practices. I will be teaching you how to apply the information discussed in the initial consultation & help you to better understand your own unique mind/body type. $45

60 Minute Abhyanga 

A relaxing full-body warm oil massage using the essential healing oils of Coconut and Sesame. This therapy is designed to soothe achy muscles and joints, calm the nervous system and bring a feeling of peace to the mind, body, and spirit.

Especially Recommended for:

Those looking for maintenance therapy, relaxation, rejuvenation, and tension relief

*Does not include steam $70

90 Minute Abhyanga  

A luxurious and relaxing full-body warm oil massage. Designed to bring balance and harmony to the Dosha’s, deeply nourish the skin and tissue systems, remove toxins and soothe accumulated stress from the body. As the warm oils penetrate the skin, toxins and impurities are loosened, reducing muscle tension and calming the nervous system. 90 minute Abhyangas are best paired with an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation so the treatment can be tailored to the need of the individual. All oils used are organic and natural healing herbal oils. Additional oils include Sesame and Coconut Oil.  $120

Especially Recommended for:

Those looking to detox, those with chronic health issues, pain, and in need of rejuvenation

*steam therapy included

Kundalini Spine Therapy 

An Ayurvedic healing therapy focused on the care of the spine, nervous system and energy systems of the body. In this 60 minute session Mahanarayan Oil is applied to the entire back helping to soothe achy muscles, nourish the spine, and relax the entire body. The session ends with 5 minutes of warm steam applied to the back.   $80

*Mahanarayan Oil is a specific combination of healing herbs that help to soothe muscles and joints.

Ayurveda Face Marma Therapy 

An Ayurvedic facial that involves isolating Marma points and massaging them in a specfic way to facilitate healing. Marmas are subtle energy points where two are more tissue types meet. In Ayurvedic Medicine it is understood that our lifestyle, emotional and physical stresses can cause blockages and imbalances. In this therapy the Marmas are manipulated to improve the flow of energy and rejuvenate the skin for an overall sense of well-being.    $60

Recommended for those looking for:

Relief from sinus congestion, tension headaches, overactive mind, & stress


Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic therapy that involves pouring warm healing oils on the forehead. This therapy is deeply healing, soothing and calming. It is helpful for anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and hormonal imbalances.    $100

It also includes a head, neck, shoulder and feet massage.



Clean manicure

Cuticle maintenance, file, buff, moisture application $25

Classic manicure 

Soak, cuticle maintenance, file, buff, polish, moisture application and polish $35

Gentleman's Classic Manicure 

Soak, cuticle maintenance, file, buff, polish $35


Gentleman's Spa Manicure 

Soak, cuticle maintenance, file, buff, scrub, massage $35

Gel Manicure 

Soak, cuticle maintenance, file, buff, polish, moisture application and polish $45

Spa manicure

Soak, cuticle maintenance, file, buff, scrub, hand and arm massage, masque and polish $40

Dip Nail Manicure | $55  *add tips $65

Gel-X Manicure 

Full Set $65

Fill $52

Nail Extras

Nail Repairs Starting at $2 and up

Nail Art Starting at $1 and up 

Gel Soak off in House $5

Gel Soak off Out of House $15

Acrylic Soak off with basic manicure $30



Classic Pedicure | 45 minutes

Clip and file nails, clean cuticles, moisture application, polish. $45 

* Add Gel polish - $15

Gentleman's Classic Pedicure 

​Soak, clip and file nails, clean cuticles $45

* Add Gel polish - $15


Gentleman's Spa Pedicure

Clip and file nails, clean cuticles, leg and foot exfoliation and massage, invigorating mask for tired feet. $58

* Add Gel polish - $15


Farm House Fresh Pedicure 

Clip and file nails, clean cuticles, callus removal, leg and foot exfoliation and massage, masque and hot towel for tired feet and polish of your choice-$58 *SS

* Add Gel polish - $15

CBD pedicure

Clip and file nails, clean cuticles, callus removal, leg and foot exfoliation and massage, CBD infused masque for tired feet, hot booties and polish of your choice - $85

* Add Gel polish - $15

Pedi polish change  $20


Body Treatments

Sugar Spa Customized Body Polish 

Customized all natural full body scrub and moisturizer application depending on your specific needs. $95 and up.


Sugar Spa Customized Organic Body Wraps 

Customized organic body scrub, full body masque, full body moisturizing application. Great for moisturizing, detoxifying and hydrating body. $135


Sugar Spa Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment 

This treatment includes stimulating body polish, followed by a detoxifying Hungarian mud wrap, then you will rinse off in our custom rain water shower finishing with a full body moisture application. $150


Sugar Spa Mini Body Polish 

This is the perfect treatment for right before a spray tan, massage or vacation! Get rid of dry skin over the whole body with organic sugar and salt scrubs. $45


Eyebrow $20

Eyelash $25


Hair Removal/Waxing

Arms $45

Back $50 and up

Bikini $40

Brazilian $80

Chest $50 and up

Chin $10

Eyebrow Arch $18

Full Face ( include eyebrow arch) $53

Full Leg $90 and up

Half Leg $45

Lip $10

Nose $10

Underarms $30


Professional Make-up Application

Bridal Traditional Makeup

Customized make up to make you look incredible for your big day! Includes primer, full makeup application, customized eye makeup and setting spray. $100


Attendants Traditional Makeup 

Perfect for bridesmaids, prom, or a special event. Includes primer, full makeup application and setting spray. $85

Juniors Traditional Makeup 

Perfect for juniors bridesmaids 11-15 years old looking for makeup. $45

Standard Lashes 

Glam up your look and add some luscious lashes! Strips or individuals. $30



Eyelash Extensions

1 - 3 week Relash  $70

4 week Relash  $90 and up

Lash Removal $25

Borboleta Lash Extensions | Allow 2 1/2 hours | Classic Set $150 | Volume Set $200 | Mixed Set $175

Relash from another Lash Spa Starts at $99 and up


Spa Packages

Elements of the Earth | 4 hours

Hot Stone Massage (90 Minutes)
Signature Hot Stone Facial (75 minutes)
Hungarian Herbal Mud Wrap (75 minutes)


Signature Combination | 4 hours

Signature Sugar Spa Swedish Massage (60 minutes)

Signature Sugar Spa Facial (60 minutes)

Signature Sugar Spa Manicure (60 minutes)

Farmhouse Fresh Spa Pedicure (60 minutes)



The Refresher | 2 1/2 hours

Back, Neck, Shoulders Massage (30 minutes)

Petite Facial (30 minutes)

Classic Manicure (45 minutes)

Classic Pedicure (45 minutes)



Ultimate Package | 6 hours

Signature Deep Tissue Massage (90 minute)

Lifting and Firming Facial (75 minutes)

Body Polish (60 minutes)

Signature Spa Manicure (60 minutes)

Farmhouse Fresh Spa Pedicure (60 minute)