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The Clean Up Act

If you're anything like me, getting your nails done every two weeks is a huge highlight in your self care up keep! There is nothing better than a fresh set of nails after a long work week!(am i right?!) But a relaxing trip to your favorite nail salon just doesn’t seem to be in the card right now, leaving your nails desperate for some TLC! So we came up with this super simple, yet effective at home gel removal that will help get those nails cleaned up and ready for ...dare we say it..... press ons !!

Setting the Stage: To start you’ll need to gather some supplies to start soaking off the nails

  • 100% acetone [ non-acetone based removers won't work!]

  • a rough nail file

  • a nail buffer

  • cut up aluminum foil squares

  • cotton balls

  • some patience!

We recommend putting on some music or starting your favorite movie or tv show to help pass the time! Also placing a little bit of lotion or vaseline around your cuticle and nails will help minimizing drying caused by the acetone!

***pro tip: We find it easier to do one hand at a time as it helps leave you some what mobile while soaking off the nails!


p #1: The File Down

  • start by using the rough nail file and removing all the shine! Be careful not to file all the way down to the actual nail or to damage any of the new growth!

Step #2: Burrito Fingers

  • once the nail is filed, take a cotton ball soaked in acetone and place it on the nail itself, then wrap the aluminum foils over your nail and repeat for each finger!

*** pro tip : cut the aluminum squares larger than your finger to ensure you aren’t wrapping your hands too tight. Oversized is better than undersized!

Step #3: The Waiting Game

let your nails soak in the aluminum foil for at least 20 minutes (for dip or acrylics you may need to set for longer but don’t go past 40 minutes as the acetone is damaging to the skin!)

** pro tip: you want to wait long enough for the gel or dip to slide off without any polish left, if there still is some after 20 minutes, take off the foils and gently scrap away what you can with an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher, then simply repeat steps 2 and 3!

Step #4: The Hand Swap

  • once one hand is cleanly soaked off with no polish left, simply repeat steps 1 though 3 until the other hand matches!

Step #5: Shape it Up

  • Now that all the nails are bare, take a nail buffer and buff the top of the nail to soften the ridges left! Then trim up any hangnails and file them to your desired shape

Step#6: Stop, drop and Oil

  • After you clean

up your nail shape, push back any cuticle with a cuticle pusher and then take some cuticle oil and massage your hands in fingers to bring back the moisture the acetone stripped away!

** pro tip : don’t have any cuticle oil? Use almond, olive or coconut oil to help revitalize your fingers!

And there you have it, perfectly cleaned up nails! We do recommend using this time to let your nails breathe and grow a bit, but if you are someone like me who simply can't go without something on your nail, just wait a few days before painting or applying any press on!

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!


Sugar Spa and Beauty Bar

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